Rules of the Village


MINORS: Minors are admitted only if accompanied by parents or legal guardians. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the minors entrusted to them for the duration of their stay. Children (or minors) must be supervised in the common areas as well as in the flat by their parents, who are directly responsible both for their conduct and for their safety and, in this regard, the Management declines all responsibility.


ANIMALS: Pet owners are required to keep their animals on a leash in the common areas and in the garden of Villaggio del Re. Please note that the owner of a dog is always solely responsible for the well-being, control and management of the animal and is liable, both civilly and criminally, for any damage or injury to persons, animals or things caused by the animal itself.


RESPONSIBILITY OF THE VILLAGE: The tenant (guest) is responsible to the property of Villaggio del Re and to third parties for any damages deriving from his behaviour in the use of the rented property and declares to relieve from any responsibility related to any injuries or accidents that may occur during his stay at the rented property. For any legal disputes the competent court is Teramo. The Direction of Villaggio del Re is relieved from any responsibility for the following: - for any damages deriving from third parties or from blameless interruptions of services; - for any shortage of personal belongings and valuables or money kept in the rented property (each guest is obliged to take care of his/her own belongings).


SWIMMING POOL: Children must always be accompanied by their parents and carefully supervised. The Management declines all responsibility. Any behaviour contrary to the rules of hygiene is forbidden. The swimming pool does not have a lifeguard, so it is forbidden for those who cannot swim and for minors not accompanied by adults to use the pool. We love animals, but for their safety and that of the swimmers, animals are not allowed in the pool. Please take a shower or possibly rinse your feet before entering the pool, as a matter of hygiene and cleanliness of the pool itself. You can use the shower located near the pool.


ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES: The booking implies the acceptance and the observance of all the points of the present rules. The Residence staff is authorised to enforce compliance with these Regulations and to report any non-compliance to the Management.
In the event of serious non-compliance with the Regulations or one of its points, the Management has the unquestionable right to expel, without prior notice, anyone who does not comply with the Regulations or behaves in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance to People or things.